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Performance Fitness & Training


Sports Performance


Athletes aspire to reach their best potential through effective coaching and development of their talents. Our PFiT coaches encourage student-athletes, elite performers, and weekend warriors to develop a proper balance towards life and sports. The confidence that is developed through hard work, dedication, and commitment places them in the best possible position to be successful in their sport.


Our Sports Performance Training focuses on enhancing an athlete or team’s performance and overall athleticism, by using sports science, kinesiology, and functional movement, to help them excel in their specific sport.


Our customized training program develops the athlete in the areas of Strength and Conditioning to improve overall strength, power and reduce the potential for injury. Our Speed, Agility, & Quickness (SAQ) model looks to further develop an athlete’s athleticism through speed drills, training for explosive movements, promoting agility, and developing a level of athletic conditioning that will carry throughout the season.

Basketball, Volleyball

Multidirectional movement, explosiveness, and vertical training are key elements that all athletes who play these sports need to have in order to be a step above their opponents. Our training program specializes in aiding athletes (in enhancing these abilities).

Football,Rugby, Soccer

In open-field sports, sharpening your technical skills and fundamentals will allow you to have a leg up on anyone. We include strength and conditioning for athletes to increase their endurance, strength, and explosiveness, as well as sharpening their speed and agility on the field to help them perform.

Track & Field

Paying attention to every detail is of major importance in Track & Field. We focus on the technical aspects of each athlete in their specialized events to minimize sources of error and maximize efficiency ranging from linear (Ex. 100m Dash) and rotational force output (Ex. Discus or Shot Put) and cycle rate to core stability (Ex. Javelin) and hip explosiveness.




Clients will develop real life fighting skills to defuse an opponent, aggressor, or situation. Our experience in this multi-disciplined world of martial arts and self-defense pushes each client to utilize and transfer what is taught on the heavy bag, the mats, pads, and sparring. Through improved training and dedication, athletes can improve their offensive and defensive tactics to transform them into stronger contenders.

Tennis, Golf, Baseball

For a strong swing or pitch, you need rotational strength, balance, flexibility, and stability. Beginning from the ground up, we teach how to transfer energy into power from the hips, core, and shoulders, through various drills and strength training methods. 

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